Sunday, 8 April 2012

Review&Swatches: Mac Chatterbox Lipstick.

My newest make-up purchase has definitely satisfied my summer make-up collection..for now at least, I bought Mac Chatterbox last Wednesday I do believe and have been in love with it since, so I thought I'd do a quick review on it for you guys :) 

With an Amplified finish, these babies are jam packed with colour and a creamy feel on the lips, as my first Amplified MAC lipstick I can say that they do live up to this expectation. I don't need to go over my lips a thousand times over with this lipstick, simply a swipe does the trip, or if like me you need to have the lipstick perfect and full then two, not only is the colour a gorgeous yellow toned coral pink, it is also very creamy and feels nice on the lips. I would say that for paler skin tones  (eg. Like me NW15) this is great if you want a bright pink without looking too in your face, it's a great summer colour to be used by anyone, I don't think this would look bad on anyone to be honest.
I can't fault this product at all and would repurchase if I ran out.

Also Happy Easter everyone, hope you all indulge in your chocolates!

What do you think of Chatterbox? What's your favourite MAC lipstick? :) x


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  8. Love MAC Cosmetics. really nice colour.

  9. That's a really pretty color. I've been trying to wear more colors other than beige and neutrals. I like this pink; it's not too dark or too light. Just enough. -Jessica


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