Sunday, 15 April 2012

2 Weeks with Tori. -Summary Sunday

// Watched 1st Season of VPD again//Went to meet Demi Lovato//
 //Hazelnut Latte plus a Lemon+Poppy Seed Muffin//A horse piƱata i found funny// 
 //Me being the camera's friend//Decided to play around after a while//
 //My friend Janice,I liked her outfit//HUGE scary ride at fair(it went higher than trees)//
//Me with some of my friends//That scary ride I talked about,yeah WENT ABOVE TREES//
 //Yummy Gingerbread Man//OH SNAP,it was easter!//
//Chocolate-Orange Tart//All the gingerbread bunnies/birds baked for easter//

I'm going to try to do these every few weeks, hopefully I do something entertaining otherwise you might just see picture after picture of revision material! I wish I had a IPhone as I could post from Instagram, however I don't *le sigh*  Something I didn't get a picture of but wished I did was my pizza hut pizza, the new limited edition one with hot dog stuffed crust..I was in heaven eating it seriously!
Next week I'm not going to be here because I will be on a school trip for the week for my coursework which I will be completing when I get back to London, I will try to queue a post or two for while I'm gone, anywho, I will see you properly again soon bye :) x


  1. Hiya! Found you on my group via IFB!

    Happy belated easter haha. Wow, those bunnies look super tasty! Might have to try this at home sometime : ). Cute blog!

    If you have time, please check out my blog too, and follow if you like it : ). I follow back!


    1. haha they were very tasty and sure i will check yours out :) x

  2. Love the photos!


  3. lovely photos! xx

  4. Cool pics!!

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  6. great blog :)
    those pictures are so cute, love it :)

    maybe you want to visit my blog too? it would be so nice to hear from you :)

    greetings from germany


  7. Love it! Really nice! Cute pictures!

  8. Love these instagram like pics! Do you have an Android? Because now they have Instagram for Android and I am using it!-Jessica


    1. ah thanks, and nope i have a blackberry! x