Friday, 11 September 2015


So it feels like an awfully long time since I wrote one of these things or even really looked deeper into the blogging word than a post.

I stopped blogging two years-ish ago. I found managing school work, a social life and a blog a task and that never what I wanted my blog to feel like. Now however I've recently turned 19, I'm going off to university next week (eek!) and I feel I am ready to restart this blog again. I'v wanted to for some time now, but time organisation hasn't been my strongest point, however with this new fresh start I feel I have the chance to get back into something I really enjoyed doing. I want to make more reviews, makeup looks, personal opinion posts and really whatever the hell I want to put on here.

I highly doubt after two years of silence anyone would remember my blog or is even reading this post as I type, but I want to write it. Over the next few days I'm going to give my blog a bit of a re-vamp and catch up on just some basic blogging 101 that I've become out the loop of and then next week hopefully write my first new post!

Well its currently 1:43am and I don't have much else to say except I'm extremely tired and think I should end this blog post before it turns into a book.

If anyone is by chance is reading this and has some tips or blog posts about blogging nowadays or when chats on twitter are or something I'd be more than happy to have the help! haha.

Well I guess it's good night from me :)