Tuesday, 20 August 2013

NARS Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo

Hey Guys!
I've started blogging again after taking a bit of a break from it all; I had a lot going on in the past few months with moving houses and taking exams so I needed to take a break for a while,  but I have really missed blogging and want to jump straight back into it with a review of  a lovely beauty product I own the Nars Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo.
I really like NARS packaging, it's simplicity and sleekness give it a very classy finished look, for the eyeshadow duo itself the packaging is slightly bigger in person that I thought being about the size of my palm I guess it should be expected since it's a two in one kind of deal, it just makes it a bit of a pain to fit into my makeup bag with all my other bits and bobs. However it's very well made; I've dropped this bad boy quite a few times and squeel as it hits the floor but it has proven to be a sturdy bugger so I'm not complaining at all (touch wood I haven't just jinxed myself) Also when opened it reveals a mirror to use which is very handy if like me you are forever misplacing your mirror or if you're travelling and need everything to be more compact and travel friendly.
Kalahari is a duo of shimmery neutral shades, the left being a gold tone with slight bronze undertones (the kind that makes you think of the Little Mermaid and underwater jewels, or maybe just me) and the right being a soft golden brown shade with a hint of a reddish silver undertone.
I think like a lot of people when it comes to eyeshadows I rarely sway from neutrals, so this duo is great to add to the collection. The left shade is very well pigmented and makes it quick to apply to my eyes and the gold really does if I do say so myself complement my green eyes very well. The right shade is not as highly pigmented, I find that I have to dip my brush into it a few times to get a tone that doesn't look too washed out on the extremely fair skin I own, however what I really like about the shade is that it feels so soft! I could waste the shade just on feeling it.

Although I wear these shades with other shadows sometimes, I really do like to pair them together. After applying my eye primer I apply the left shade to my lid and the right shade to my crease and blend in, I like that the shadows both blend really well together to give a slight smokey eye, I prefer to apply the gold toned eyeshadow to the lid of my eye because it brightens the eyes.
As the shades are so universal I feel confident in applying them to wear for day or night, winter or summer, it really doesn't matter all too much when I wear it because the shades are very buildable so you can wear it casually while shopping or intensify it up a bit more for a dinner or party.
I really like the Kalahari Eyeshadow Duo and I'm glad it is in my make up stash, would I buy it again? I 'm not too sure, there are plenty of neutral shades out there and with a price of £25 for the duo I think I would find a cheaper alternative or make do with what I have for the moment, I think it would be a product I would put on a birthday list rather than buy it myself, but if you are looking to try a NARS product or some neutral  shades I would definitely recommend Kalahari to you if you have the cash to splash.

Tori :) x 

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  1. Great review, I am desperate to try this duo, it looks so pretty!


  2. NARS eye shadows look so luxurious! Think I'll have to get some for Christmas, great review x

  3. I love these colors! They remind me of what i wear daily. I might just have to get this duo!
    Une Jolie Vie

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  5. I love these colors, especially the gold!