Thursday, 8 November 2012

MUA Shade 1 Blusher Review.

Hey Guys!
This weeks been a bit hectic, I'm back at school now (boo!) and I've been doing coursework and going to opening evenings for schools and what not so I'm extremely tired and can't wait for the weekend.
Recently I went into Superdrug and picked up a blusher from MUA; I've been wanting a light pink blush for a while and I like Illamasqua's Katie, however the price tag is a bit too heavy for me right now, so as a substitute I got this one.
 MUA are known for their inexpensive and to be fair decent quality products as I'm sure many of you have tried something of theirs. This blusher is in Shade 1; not the most interesting name granted however that's not the most important thing. Shade 1 is a light peach/pink toned blusher with flickers of shimmer; I think that the shimmer looks really good in the Summer, and also adds a bit of definition in the Winter, especially if like me you turn ghostly pale in the cold.
 What I like about this blush is it is build able without going to the over the top extremes; that might not make that even a no no? x_x
Nevertheless Shade 1 can be a very subtle flush of light pink; for me this is perfect for school as my school doesn't allow make-up (but I can't abide by that in all honesty) so it is enough to give my pale colouring some life again without being overall noticeable, however can be built upon to a similar shade as Benefit's Coralista; at least I think it does. 
What cons can I find with the blusher? Well I can't particularly say that the blusher has longevity; it does fade easily I find; so if you were to have this blusher then maybe carry on you so you can re-apply during the day.

Being only £1 from Superdrug; I cannot complain in the slightest, the blusher provides good enough quality for what you pay and does the job; if you are low on money then MUA is a good brand to use, and even if you're not I would still recommend their brand and this blusher.

Hope you have a great day guys!

Tori :) x


  1. I really like this shade!! might have to pop in to superdrug and have a look at them, I'm slightly put off my the packaging though to be honest, it's a bit plain...

    I'm having a Christmas giveaway over on my blog if you'd like to have a look

    1. yeah it's really plain, but for the price i cant complain! x