Sunday, 18 November 2012

MAC Fix+ Review.

Hey Guys!
Hope you've had a lovely week; I wanted to blog earlier in the week but I've been finding it quite hard to take pictures during the week with school and what not; yesterday I had a rather big photo session with products that I want to review so there should be a problem any more!

In September I received MAC's Fix+ for my birthday; I was super excited to try it as I had seen a few review on it saying that it was quite a good product. Fix+ is designed as a water based product of vitamins and minerals; containing a blend of green tea,chamomile, cucumber and sugi to calm the skin, add radiance and finish of make-up.
 I think the first thing to make note of is that Fix+ is not a setting spray; it doesn't make your make-up last for longer; some people may find this happens to them but it isn't the purpose of the product, and I personally haven't found that fix+ makes my make-up last longer.
Fix+ is designed to refresh the skin and give a natural finish to the face, this is something it does do. When I use fix+ I usually apply it before putting my make-up on; to be honest there is not much difference in applying it before or after, I apply before make-up as I have slightly oily skin, I find that applying it before gives the finish of my make-up a dewy finish without looking too oily.
 I have the 100ml bottle which is £13.50, which is probably the con of this product which would make me question whether or not to buy it again; although the Fix+ does as it claims and is indeed a good product I wouldn't find it a necessity for myself, I could live without this product without much fuss, it is nice to have and gives a good finish yes but if I was really bothered I could use a dewy finish foundation which would do the same would it not?
 Overall I do enjoy the MAC Fix+ and will continue to use the bottle I have as there is not reason why I shouldn't; it doesn't break me out or anything along those lines however because of the price I'm not sure if I would buy again, maybe if I had some spare cash lying around to spend then I would; which is possibly what I would recommend to you guys; if you have some spare money and want to try a new product then this would be a good choice to try out.

I hope you liked this review,
Now I am going to go make a nice hot chocolate and do a wee bit of baking!

Tori :) x


  1. I've been eyeing this up for ages! I recently got the ELF setting spray and its pretty good too though! xx

  2. I've just bough this and I love it, I apply it just after my makeup for that dewy finish. I also apply it to my brush if im using any pigments as it helps to prevent fall out :)

  3. Hmmm...I think I am going to pass on this one. Upon reading your review, it didn't impressed me much.

  4. I actually prefer my Evian Facial Spray over this...for some reason it leaves my face "too shiny" for my liking even though I have quite normal skin! But hey, you never know without trying :)

    xx, V