Thursday, 25 October 2012

MAC Ruby Woo Review.

Hey Guys!
Today I'm back and wanted to do a blog post on my current favourite lipstick Ruby Woo by MAC. Recently I've decided that this autumn/winter I want to try to pull off bolder lip colours, Ruby Woo is one of these colours and I have been loving it!
 Ruby Woo is a true red matte MAC lipstick, which means that it will contain more pigment but not give off a shine, some people say that matte lipsticks are harder to apply as they are more dry, I find that lip balm before applying my lipsticks always works and especially in the case of a matte lipstick, the smoothness of the lip balm defuses the dryness making it easy to apply to the lips. Ruby Woo is a true red, there is no doubt about that, I really like how the red tones are bold but not too in your face (although pictures of me wearing it may say differently,haha)
I really like to wear Ruby Woo to spice up an outfit, if i'm looking slightly plain in clothes I like to wear this red lipstick to brighten up the outfit, I think that Ruby Woo is quite versatile in its wearability, however as it is a red I wouldn't personally pair it with an outfit that is very bold and I keep my make-up a little more toned down so that the colours do not clash, sometimes when you see people wearing a bold outfit with bold blusher and red lipstick you don't know where to look because there's so much going on, if you know what I mean.
(le picture of me wearing Ruby Woo)

As with any lipstick I have to reapply during the day, which is no hassle to be honest, but I find that I am more conscience on topping it up as if the fading of the lipstick is uneven it can look a bit ridiculous! What I love about red lipsticks, in particular Ruby Woo is that it would suit everyone, so I would definitely recommend Ruby Woo to anyone, something I would suggest but some of you may know already is if you do have/purchase Ruby Woo or any red lipstick for that matter pick up a red lip liner too, it can be a high street one, I bought Sleek's Rouge for myself because it was cheaper and seems good quality, the only reason I would highly suggest a lip liner is because red lipsticks tend to bleed out, the lip liner will help this not happen, so in the long run it is worth it.

Overall I really love this lipstick, I would repurchase the £13.50 lipstick again from MAC, it is truly the perfect red, lasts a decent amount of time and will be a really good lipstick shade to have in the pot for this season.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Tori :) x


  1. The shade is gorgeous and looks really pigmented, everything you want from a red lipstick really especially as you said it lasts well. Love your hair btw, so lovely and long! x

    One Little Vice

    1. thank you lovely and yeah it's perfect haha :) x

  2. that lipstick looks gorgeous on you x

  3. I have this lipstick but find it takes so much preparation before hand to be able to wear it! Don't get me wrong I still love it but even the hint of a flaky lip and it just looks awful!

    Efia @


    1. ah I find as I practise; i speed up because I get use to it haha :) x