Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Topshop Head Over Heels Blusher.

Hey Guys!

I have a review that I've been excited to write up and pretty much knew I would blog about the moment I bought it! The other week I was shopping and saw this lovely Topshop blusher in the shade Head Over Heels and I have wanted to try one of Topshop's blush's for a while so decided to give it a go.
This Topshop blusher is a créme blusher which means that the blusher generally has a more natural and dewy finish to it. I would definitely agree with this, the coral toned blusher is very natural looking meaning that building it is very easy and more versatile as I can op to use it lightly creating a light wash of coral or a more full on face of blusher which creates an elegant glow to the face.
 Swatched above you can see that the blusher is a coral toned and I would say it would suit pale-olive skin tones the best. I have worn Head Over Heels everyday bar one since purchasing it and I have noticed it lasts quiet well, from my 6 am wake up till around mid-day when I will reapply powder as well as blush, considering that this is a créme blush and the fact that I am practically running around all day I would have assumed that it would easily fade and wipe off but I was very much mistaken.
Also I have noticed that the blusher has a slight shimmer in it, it is in no way obvious as I only realised this yesterday, I assume that the shimmer adds more of a glow which is good if you are looking for that.
I apply the blusher with my newly bought Real Techniques Stippling Brush and the two work wonders with one another, they seem a perfect fit, also applying is made even more easy as the lovely Topshop packaging includes a mirror.

Overall I think it is quiet obvious I love this blusher, I really cannot think of anything wrong with it what so ever, I would recommend this to anyone and really want to try another Topshop blush!

Topshop's Head Over Heels can be purchased from Topshop for £6.

Have a lovely day, 

Tori :) x


  1. Really love the color of this blush! Thanks for the swatches. Do you know if this is available in the US?

    1. I;m not quite sure to be honest unfortunately, I'm sure there is some way of getting it :) x

  2. This shade looks so lovely. I have heard so many good things about these blushers, I am adding it to my wish list for next pay day! Such a bargain at £6.00 too! x

    1. definitely a bargain! hope you enjoy it as much as I :) x

  3. I love Topshop blushers, this is a gorgeous shade!!


  4. The colour is amazing! I've been on the hunt for a shade like this, will be picking this up next time I'm there.

    Grace x

  5. thats a very pretty colour. I wonder how it would look on dark to topshop i go!

    fikki x